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Wahoo Kickr Trainer

For several reasons I have decided that cycling is going to be my exercise of choice to assist in losing weight. Because I live in Michigan, getting an indoor trainer is required. Well maybe not for the hardcore cyclist with a normal 40 hour work week, but for me, required. Because this is not a Read More

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Surgery Cancelled – Health Update 1.4.2019

Preface: As with most heavy people, my weight loss has been more of a roller coaster ride more than anything else. In 2012 I discovered I was pre-diabetic. I made a commitment to lose weight rather than go on medication. I was able to lose 67 pounds and beat diabetes (really control it). Now to be Read More

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Twitch #2 Rocket League

h Watch Twitch #2 Rocket League from oaflife on Read More

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My First Day Of Fitness Bootcamp

A couple of years ago, I started figuring out how to edit video’s and this was one of my first. Because I have restarted this website, I figured I would upload a few of the old videos just to get started. Read More

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My First Strongman Training

This was from a couple of years ago when I went to a friends gym to see what StrongMan Training was all about. This is also one of my first video productions. Read More

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My First Twitch Stream

First Twitch? My 12 year old has been telling me for years that she wants to “game”? Of course I’m not a gamer, so I had very little knowledge of what she was asking for. Fast Forward to Christmas 2018, and I decided to get the family an Xbox One S. I then had to Read More

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