Surgery Cancelled – Health Update 1.4.2019

Preface: As with most heavy people, my weight loss has been more of a roller coaster ride more than anything else.

In 2012 I discovered I was pre-diabetic. I made a commitment to lose weight rather than go on medication.

I was able to lose 67 pounds and beat diabetes (really control it).

Now to be fair, I was unemployed at the time and had the freedom to work on nothing but my health.

After meeting my goal, I chose to start putting on muscle by weight lifting. This proved to be a mistake because, at some point, I stopped working on cardio.

To make matters worse, I became employed again. (this meant sitting at a desk for up to 8 hours a day)

Forward to February 2018. After completing a workout, my left arm went completely numb.

Of course, that was alarming so I went to the doctor to see what was going on.

After getting blood work done, I was told that I had high blood sugar, along with high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

As far as the numb arm, the doctor could only speculate that I may have had a stroke!

It took until July to get the insurance company to agree to let me get a cat scan. Of course, it was negative! Realize that I was restricted from exercise the entire time. < this fact did not help my health.

When I was finally cleared, I decided to go back to weight lifting.

Well, it didn’t take long before I had an umbilical hernia! This wasn’t some slight tear either! It was severe. So severe that my intestines were sticking out to a point that I could not push them back in.

This caused a major complication too. My intestines were strangulating!

This causes extremely low blood pressure, vomiting, and the butt version of vomiting.

A normal person would have run to the emergency room! But I’m not normal! < Ok that might be a little extreme, let me explain.

You see, though I have insurance, I also have a deductible and was in the process of getting an equity loan. (this matters because my income was based on commission and any time off would affect not only my bank account [i.e. deductible] but also my ability to earn income while being off work. Not to mention my ability to get the equity loan itself without income.)

So though it may have been a bit of an emergency, the negative of going to the hospital outweighed the risk of not going (for you ladies, this is how a man’s mind works most of the time).

I decided to wait a couple of days to see if I could get past the swelling and strangulation issue. As you guessed, the waiting worked.

Once I got my equity loan completed (which I budgeted the surgery into), I scheduled a visit with my surgeon.

Because of how my deductible works, I schedule the surgery for today, January 4, 2019.

Yesterday, January 3rd, I had my per surgery visit. This visit did not go well!

The first thing the Dr. said was, “are you sure you want to have the surgery tomorrow?” < wtf!

He went on to explain that my current weight/fat was a problem. Now, realize that he did not mention any of this a month ago! He also said that if my blood sugar was too high that he wouldn’t do the surgery period! (all of this would have been nice to know a month ago!) Well I don’t need a blood test to know that I am having issues with my blood sugar. With everything being known, we decided to cancle the surgery.

So now that I know what I have to do. (get my BMI to 35) , it is time to get to work on losing weight.

My current weight is 313lbs. and I need to get to 244lbs.

Though I do not have an exact plan as to how I will get to 244lbs and then schedule the surgery. If I were to follow the two pounds a week recommended weight loss, I will be ready for surgery by mid-July.


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