The Youth Hunt Has Killed Michigan Bow Hunting

The Michigan Youth Hunt Has Killed Bow Hunting

(opinion only)

Ultimately the early season firearm hunts have decreased the success rate of Michigan Bow Hunters in my opinion.

By allowing early-season firearm hunts the DNR has created an environment where deer have withdrawn from their natural patterns and have went nocturnal before the general Archery Hunting Population has entered the woods.

This combined with the removal of baiting in 2019 has created less opportunity and less success for Michigan Bow Hunters.

Bow Hunting is hard. It takes months of preparation before you enter the woods to harvest your game. It is and always has been the fairest chase hunting stile outside of maybe using a spear to hunt (not legal in Michigan btw).

This fact historically is why archers were granted access to the woods before firearm hunters. Because of the difficulty, baiting deer has been a long-practiced tactic used by archers. This too has been made illegal in the state of Michigan in 2019.

I have been an opponent of early-season firearm hunting in the state of Michigan since it was first introduced. So much so that I have not allowed my daughters to participate.

I am not saying that I don’t see a way to compromise, because I do.

My suggestion is that the state DNR change the season to allow Michigan Bow Hunters the opportunity to hunt before any firearm season begins. Here is my suggested schedule:


Early Archery season: Sept 15-30

Liberty Hunt (Hunters with Disabilities and Youth): First Weekend in October

Early Antlerless Firearm: Second Weekend In October

Archery: October 15 – November 14 and December 1 – January 1

Independence Hunt (Hunters with Disabilities): First Weekend in November

Regular Firearm: November 15-30

Muzzleloading: December 6-15

Late Antlerless Firearm: December 23 – January 1

*note muzzleloading zones and dates to change as required

If you agree pass this on to your friends. If you have an argument against this proposal I would love to hear it in the comments.

Thanks for taking the time to read.




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