Why I DID NOT LEAVE 1stPhorm

Why am I leaving 1stPhorm? UPDATE – 2/12/2019 WHY I DID NOT LEAVE 1stPhorm!

As of 2/12/2019 1stPhorm and I have come to terms and I am back on the TEAM! Simply they have agreed that I put every effort into using OPTI-GREENS 50 and they are allowing me to substitute. <<<<< Thank You 1stPhorm!

*I am going to leave this original Blog up for context and plan to create a new article or video explaining in more detail.

First I should say that I’m not leaving 1stPhorm completely. I’m just leaving the Legionnaire Program.

The Legionnaire Program is something that I applied to and accepted the terms when I was accepted by the company.

The terms include a required Minimum order of Micro Factor and Opti-Greens.

A $99.00 per month commitment.

I started my journey with them in July of 2018.

I tried several products while I was in training with the idea that I would be able to assist my clients make informed choices.

I had one problem. Opti-Greens tasted like hell and made my stomach ache.

Now I powered thru with using the product most days, but as of today I have two full cans in my cupboard. (not good)

I reached out to 1stPhorm to inquire if I could switch to another product to replace Opti-Greens and they said no.

This in a nutshell is why I am leaving the 1stPhorm Legionnaire team.

Because Opt-Greens is considered a foundational product for the company and I now refuse to use the product, it is only fair that I move on.

Now on a positive note, some of their products are amazing.

They have great tasting protein powders, meal replacement bars, and pre workouts.

I do agree that Greens are an important part of your daily supplementation, but not if it taste like holy-hell.

Now I don’t think I should have to say this but I do not agree with this policy. I do understand the financial reason for requiring minimum monthly purchases but I do not agree that Opti-Greens should be required.

Update: 2/11/2019

I have chosen to make one last attempt to get 1stPhorm to allow me to substitute the Opt-Greens product. I emailed 1stPhorm this weekend. I will let you know if I here anything back.

Update: 2/12/2019

My apeal worked! New blog coming.

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